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Find out what's new at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Arizona and stay in the know about everything going on in and around the hotel, from local events to special offers and updates to our accommodations.
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Top 5 Reasons to Experience Fairmont Gold

Aug 04, 2020

Must-Try of the Moment: DIY Self-Care Kits

What if the ingredients to indulge in a little self-care from the comfort of your home were right at your fingertips? Fairmont Scottsdale's shopping gurus have you covered with beautifully customized social distancing survival kits that will help increase your body’s immunity while bringing the essence of the spa right to you.
Jul 24, 2020

Well & Being Spa's Top 3 Essential Skincare Tips For Mask Wearers

Skin suffering under your mask? Pamper it with these three tips from Well & Being Spa. They're easy to incorporate into your day-to-day skincare routine, while making a world of difference!
Jun 08, 2020

Quarantine Day Dreams: Plan The Perfect Arizona Vacation Now With Our Pinterest Guide

Where’s the first place you plan on visiting once you’re ready to travel again? We bet you’ve thought about it, and have your answer at the ready. Quarantine day dreams are just the exciting escape we all need right now—keeping us optimistic for a future filled with new people, places and adventures to explore.
May 13, 2020

Top Benefits of Spending More Time in the Sunshine

Good news, sunshine is in the forecast in Scottsdale, Arizona! Though the sun sometimes gets a bad rep for prematurely aging our skin and causing skin cancer, there are actually some big benefits to spending time (safely) in the sun. Here’s a list of some of the key benefits that hopefully will inspire you to find the nearest sun patch and spend some time outside.
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Apr 08, 2020

Help Support the Princess Employee Meal Relief Fund

Who We Are Over the past 32 years, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort has had the pleasure of serving our community and making memories to last a lifetime for our guests. Yes, we provide guest rooms, food, beverage, spa and retail therapy…but our real business is making memories for our guests and community.
Jan 09, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Experience Fairmont Gold

Ensuring your stay at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is nothing short of unforgettable is the goal and we have 5 reasons why, when you travel it needs to be to our hotel-within-a-hotel, Fairmont Gold.
Jan 02, 2020

12 Wellness Tips For Happier and Healthier Meeting Attendees

Knowledge is power and preventive care is essential to well-being. Listed Here are 12 of Dr, Tieraona Low Dog's best practices to keep attendees productive, relaxed and fueled up.
How Bourbon Steak Cultivated Arizona’s Largest Sommelier Staff
Jul 16, 2019

Sommelier Stories: How Bourbon Steak Cultivated Arizona’s Largest Sommelier Staff

An expertly paired wine can change dining to a memorable experience. Bourbon Steak, at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, has been recognized as the Scottsdale restaurant with the best wine list by Wine Spectator.
A Taste of La Hacienda’s Bold New Renovation
Jul 16, 2019

Old Hands, New Ways: A Taste of La Hacienda’s Bold New Renovation

Last summer the resort’s much beloved Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda, temporarily closed its doors to undergo a major revitalization. Every aspect of the restaurant was awakened with a bit of change and the magic, synonymous with the Fairmont brand. The end result is nothing short of spectacular.
The Do’s and Don’ts of Meaningful and Memorable Meetings
Jul 15, 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts of Meaningful and Memorable Meetings

It is an exciting but challenging time for meeting planners as the profile of our attendee’s changes. Now Gen Xers and Millennials are the predominant attendees at our meetings. The good news is these attendees do 'want to meet’.
Resort Updates
Feb 07, 2019

Resort Updates

As a Fairmont property, the Princess continues to transcend expectations in its commitment to excellence with the next phase of resort enhancements fit for the modern luxury traveler.
A Luxury Resort for All Ages: Multi-generational Vacations at Fairmont Scottsdale
Feb 07, 2019

A Luxury Resort for All Ages: Multi-generational Vacations at Fairmont Scottsdale

In today’s fast-paced world, families are living farther apart geographically than any other time in history, and as a natural result, multi-generational vacations are quickly becoming the best way for extended family members to gather together and reconnect in one place.
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