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Top Fall & Winter Product Picks from a Sisley-Paris Spa Lead Aesthetician
Oct 22, 2021
Dylan Mustapich, Sisley-Paris Spa Lead Aesthetician
Sisley-Paris Spa at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, AZ

Top Fall & Winter Skincare Product Picks from a Sisley-Paris Spa Lead Aesthetician

Now that we're heading into the cooler months here in Scottsdale, it's time to consider adjusting your skincare routine to be more tailored to the seasons. While temperatures don't drop too dramatically here in the valley, with the lack of summer humidity the air can become dry. Many of us also have pigmentation concerns that generally worsen during the warmer months when the sun is at its strongest. Add in any stress of returning to work or school, and it can be a recipe for dull, uneven, and flakey skin – which no one wants! Fortunately, Sisley-Paris has you covered with everything you need to treat your concerns and keep your skin hydrated in our wonderful fall and winter desert climate. Here are my top Sisley product picks for both those visiting Scottsdale, AZ as well as the locals who love to live here.


Sisley-Paris Photoblanc Le Concentré Pure Bright Activating Serum & Sunleya SPF 50


Whether you spent your summer beating the heat by the pool or hiking up in Sedona, you're probably dealing with a little excess pigmentation from the sun. Even the most diligent sunscreen users make the occasional misjudgment and end up with a burn. Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to address pigmentation concerns that often worsen during the summer months. Sisley's Photoblanc Le Concentré Pure Bright Activating Serum features a patented brightening complex that helps lighten existing pigmentation, and plant-derived antioxidants to help prevent additional sun pigmentation when used in conjunction with a broad-spectrum sunscreen like Sisley's Sunleya SPF 50+.



SisleYouth Anti-Pollution


With remote work, Zoom, and a plethora of streaming services, many of us are spending more and more time in front of our screens. And now that we're shifting back into our normal work/school routine, our screen time is likely to increase that much more. In recent years, we've become more aware of the hazards of the blue light these devices emit. While too much time in front of your devices may not result in a visible burn, it can lead to photo damage and pigmentation concerns. This is due to blue light's longer wavelength, which is able to penetrate deeper into the skin than both UVA and UVB rays. Boasting barrier fortifying pea extract and antioxidant rich Ginko Biloba, SisleYouth Anti-Pollution will help protect your delicate complexion from the ravages of too much screen time.



Sisleya Moisturizer & Black Rose Precious Face Oil


Having made it through a particularly eventful monsoon season and the increase in humidity that comes with it, the Valley of the Sun is once again drier and more arid. Though you may have been able to get by with a lighter gel moisturizer over the summer, the drop in humidity means you should probably swap it out for a richer moisturizer or facial oil. Sisleya, Sisley's anti-aging line, features an extra-riche version of their legendary moisturizer to help replenish the skin's natural lipids for those that struggle with dry/flakey skin. For severe dryness, adding a facial oil may be beneficial as well. The Black Rose Precious Face Oil is loaded with plant-derived antioxidants and omegas 3 and 6 to help nourish the skin and protect it from environmental factors (photo damage, pollution, etc.). A lightweight dry oil, it's an excellent choice for those that have found most facial oils to be too heavy for their skin



Sisley-Paris Spa Facial at Fairmont Scottsdale


Switching up your at-home skincare routine seasonally is the key to keeping skin in optimal health throughout the year. Just like a wardrobe, your skincare should reflect the environment around you. A  signature Sisley facial is the perfect way to revive tired skin, and our expert Aestheticians are able to analyze your skin to determine exactly what it needs as the seasons change. You wouldn't wear a t-shirt and flip flops while it's snowing, so why would you use a mattifying moisturizer when your skin is dry and flakey from a lack of humidity? Fairmont Scottsdale is the one of the only locations in the country to offer a Sisley-Paris Spa, with a complete menu of Sisley spa facials and body treatments. Click here to book yours today!

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