• Spa Well at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona Spa Resort Experience

Pamper yourself from head to toe during your stay at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Well & Being Spa, an innovative fusion of spa and wellness. Discover a uniquely rewarding and deeply personalized palette of experiences, from the exhilaration of aerial hammock yoga to the tranquility of a customized aromatherapy massage. You’ll go home feeling energized, enlightened, empowered - and ready to Live It Well.

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    An Innovative Health Spa Retreat

    Discover an exceptional fusion of spa and wellness at Well & Being. This unique spa retreat at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess offers you personalized programs that infuse life with a greater sense of vitality. Discover the motivating kick-start of a new, evidence-based approach to nutrition and exercise, designed to transform you from the inside out.

    We’re making your spa booking experience seamless. Did you know we now offer online booking? Click here to book now or call 480.585.2732.

    Hours of Operation:

    • Health & Wellness Facility & Fitness Center:
      • Sunday - Saturday, 6 am - 9:00 pm
    • Salon:
      • Sunday - Saturday, 8:45 am - 7:45 pm

    *Please note, hours may vary seasonally.

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    • Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Chief Medical Officer at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

      Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Chief Medical Officer

      "Your body is your most faithful friend, one of your most valuable resources, the sacred vessel that holds your spirit. I can think of a few things more worth of your devotion."

      Well & Being’s team of world-class spa and wellness experts are lead by Dr. Tieraona Low Dog – whose extensive career in the study of natural medicine, and its role in modern health care, began more than 35 years ago. Dr. Low Dog studied midwifery and massage therapy, as well as herbalism. She served as President of the American Herbalist Guild and ran a teaching clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico before going on to receive her doctorate degree from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Tieraona opened and ran a successful integrative medical clinic in Albuquerque before joining the faculty of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona where she served as the Director of Fellowship from 2005-2015. Tieraona has recently authored three National Geographic books, Healthy at Home and Life is Your Best Medicine and co-authored the Guide to Medicinal Herbs. She serves on numerous editorial/advisory boards, and has appeared on E!, ABC’s 20/20, CNN, and is a frequent guest on the Dr. Oz show and NPR’s The People’s Pharmacy.

    • Brennan Evans, Acting Managing Director

      Brennan began his career as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor at world renowned Canyon Ranch Wellness resort located in Tucson, Arizona.  Brennan worked in multiple capacities during his 18 year tenure with Canyon Ranch before taking on the role of Director of Spa Operations for Spa Toccare at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa and Immersion Spa at The Water Club – Borgata’s unique boutique “hotel within a hotel” experience.  Brennan then served as Spa Director for Well & Being Spa at The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.  With his extensive background in project management, organizational development and superior team building/communication skills, Brennan helped this facility win the Residential Spa of the Year by Professional Spa and Wellness Global Awards.  The Well & Being brand is managed by Trilogy Spa Holdings.

      Brennan joined the Trilogy Spa Holdings corporate team in January 2016 as Vice President of Spa Operations.  In this current role Brennan oversees the development of ongoing daily operations for the Well & Being branded spas alongside multiple other Trilogy managed/leased locations to provide operational, financial and guest related oversite and support. Brennan is concurrently serving as Well & Being Spa’s Acting Managing Director.

    • Craig Cristello, Exercise Physiologist at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

      Craig Cristello, Exercise Physiologist

      With a Bachelors and a Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences and more than 15 years of experience, Craig has had enormous success with clients ranging from weekend warriors to elite athletes. His goal is to take away the excuses and replace them with a specifically tailored program for your lifestyle.

    • Debbie Puskar, Lead Fitness Specialist at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

      Debbie Puskar, Lead Fitness Specialist

      With more than 20 years in the fitness field, Debbie has continued to find fresh new ways to challenge bodies, ranging from SurfSET Fitness to TRX Suspension training. In addition to teaching Strength Training classes, she is Aqua certified, a certified Personal Trainer (ISSA) and teaches Reebok cycling and Zumba. On land, water or on a bike, she’ll give you a work-out to remember.      

    • Abdelhak Chegri, Fitness Trainer at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

      Abdelhak Chegri, Fitness Trainer

      With a graduate degree from Arizona School of Massage Therapy and ISSA Certification, Abdelhak integrates his knowledge of body awareness and love for fitness to strengthen the mind, heart and body. Abdelhak's personalized attention will guide you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

    • Dr. Ed Lamadrid, Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

      Dr. Ed Lamadrid, Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist

      Dr. Edward is a Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Wellness Expert, and Massage therapist (since 1986). After earning his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Acupuncture & Oriental medicine, Dr. Ed became nationally certified acupuncturist and board certified herbalist. He is often referred by ABC News as the “Dr. Oz” of alternative medicine.

      Featured across major national television shows, Dr. Lamadrid is also the author of a ground-breaking clinical research study, which successfully used acupuncture for weight loss. He is also the co-author of Fascial Therapy, a training program for massage therapists on the treatment of connective tissue.

    • Tisha Benoit, Acupuncture Physician at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

      Tisha Benoit, Acupuncture Physician

      Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Ms. Benoit is a Licensed Practical Nurse and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Health Science. She completed her Masters of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine, where she graduated with honors.

      Over the past 20 years, Tisha Benoit has had the fortunate experience of training with the most renowned Doctors in China, the notable Blind Masters of Japan and practicing Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga in India. She provides her clients with the ability to empower themselves into a new realm of well-being and believes that the moment you shift your perception is the moment you transform the longevity of your life.

    • Angella Hamilton, Thai Chi Expert at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

      Angella Hamilton, Thai Chi Expert

      As the creator of Zen Method Contemporary Tai Chi and an experienced Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor, Angella has helped many change the way they move through life. She has specialized certifications in Cancer Rehabilitation and Osteoporosis which helped guide her through her own challenges in life. She is also one of the very first Instructors to be certified by Master Teacher and Instructor, David Dorian Ross under his TaijiFit program.

  • Health Wellness  at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

    Bring Back the Balance

    Experience rich healing therapies and wellness techniques known the world over, delivered by our highly trained Intentional Living Therapists in accordance with tradition. Food and nutrition also play an integral part in ensuring you can live life to its fullest with abundant energy, and a variety of health conscious, heart smart and nutritious food offerings are available daily from our spa cuisine menu.

    Your wellness journey awaits. Reservations required,  click here to book online now, or call 480.585.2732.

    Healing Therapies

    The Healthy Male

    Spa Menu


    Fall Wellness Series

    Violin Sound Healings with Rebecca Sabine
    November 28-30, 2017

    Discover the profound benefits of calming and focusing your mind as Rebecca plays healing music on violin, while guiding you on an inward journey. Come as you are and set yourself free. Performance starts at 6 pm for all classes. Click here for more information. 

    Candlelight Flow Yoga
    Every Tuesday from 5:45 to 6:45 pm

    Filled with candlelight glow, you’ll learn a series of yoga postures that flow from one pose to the next with your breath.

    *Complete access to Well & Being Spa's amenities, facilities, signature group fitness classes and wellness activities available to guests receiving same-day treatments or with payment of daily spa access fee. Select fitness classes and wellness activities may have additional fee.

  • TRX Group Class

    Well & Being's robust fitness offerings and personal training are designed to cater to the wants and needs of every level of fitness. Let us help you kickstart a healthy new routine or take your “weekend warrior” approach to the next level.

    Personal Fitness Training & Assessments

    WellFIT – The Comprehensive Diagnostic Fitness Assessment

    Introducing the best way to determine a “baseline” for your health & wellness goals. Our Wellness Coaches will use the information provided in our diagnostic testing to help streamline your approach to exercise as well as recommend complimentary services to best support your plan. Whether you are looking to optimize your current plan or create a new program, our series of diagnostic tests will help you focus your efforts for maximum results.  Learn more.

    Your introductory 120-minute session will include the BodPod testing (Body Comp), Sub Max Vo2 (Cardio Endurance), Grip Strength Test (Muscular Strength) and Sit & Reach (Lower body Flexibility).

    Signature Group Fitness Classes 

    From Pilates to TRX, aerial yoga to Surfset – our signature fitness classes* offer something for everyone. Each class is designed to offer instruction to newcomers as well as a challenge for seasoned athletes. Our Well & Being fitness experts encourage you to be your best – and to enjoy every step of the process.

    To book your spa service online, click here. Or, call 480.585.2732.

    *Complete access to Well & Being Spa's amenities, facilities and signature group fitness classes and wellness activities available to guests receiving same-day treatments or with payment of daily spa access fee. Select fitness classes and wellness activities may have additional fee.

  • Group Experiences at The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

    Meetings with a Serious Afterglow

    Offer your group an innovative approach to work and wellness from Well & Being. Choose from a wide variety of experiences that inspire higher levels of professional performance and life satisfaction. Ranging from innovative group yoga sessions to stress-management workshops, every Well & Being program can be tailored to meet your group’s unique needs. Attendees will go home enlightened, empowered and ready to live their lives more productively, healthfully and successfully.

    To inquire about group experiences, please email us or call 480.585.2772.

  • Lunch celebrations

    Celebrate at Well & Being

    From getting ready for your wedding day to a girls’ spa day getaway, Well & Being is the perfect place to celebrate with family or friends.

    Spa’rty On

    Let us plan your party for you. When groups of five or more book a 60-minute massage, body or facial treatment each, you receive a spa’rty event planner to make all the arrangements and prepare every last detail, including a complimentary spa lunch and table reservations, special occasion sign announcing your group, and a special retail party gift for all!

    All the information you need is located here. The Spa’rty Details flier will provide you with a complete overview and suggestions for making your Spa’rty a truly memorable event. Download the Spa’rty Intake form and use this form to gather all the necessary details to get your Spa’rty started! The Spa Cuisine Lunch Menu is also available here so you can select your entrées for your special day.

    Our Spa’rty Specialists will contact you within 48 hours upon completion and receipt of the Spa’rty Intake form.

    Spa'rty Details

    Spar'ty Intake Form

    Well & Being Healthy Cuisine Menu

  • Aerial Pool

    Well & Being Spa Members

    Take the good life home with you. A Well & Being membership is designed to treat the whole you by providing a well-rounded lifestyle experience in a beautiful setting. Well & Being members also have access to our luxurious 44,000 sq. ft. facility with top-of-the-line equipment, cutting edge health programs, classes and wellness learning, private rooftop pool, sauna, steam room, Swiss shower, hot and cold plunge pool, waterfall grotto, men's and women's lounges, attentive service and Five-Diamond resort amenities.

    For appointments regarding membership please contact Spa Guest Services Manager, Taryn Mahalak at Taryn.Mahalak@Fairmont.com.

    Membership Brochure

    Ready to book your next Well & Being experience? Click here to book online.

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