• So Sound in The Fairmont Scottsdale, Arizona

    Experience the gentle massage of music rippling through your body, while you journey into deep relaxation, meditation and harmonization. Emerge feeling rested with a heightened sense of mental, emotional and spiritual connectedness.

    Healing therapies guided by one of our healing therapists:

    Melodic Reflexology
    Begin with reflex points in the foot relating to specific organs and glands throughout the body. Stimulating those points promotes health and regeneration throughout the body via energetic pathways. 60-minutes - $169

    Harmonic Reiki
    Experience a gentle Japanese healing tradition that reduces stress and eases pain with a harmonic healing therapy. 60-minutes - $169

    Harmonized Acupuncture
    This journey begins with a sound healing session in our So Sound® therapeutic lounger, stimulating Qi (life energy) and opening up the body and mind for deeper healing. After an assessment and evaluation of the body’s pulses are used to locate imbalances and blockages.
    60-minutes - $139 | 90-minutes - $205

    Therapeutic Adult “Nap”
    Let us help you discover the benefits of a truly relaxing and stress relieving “adult nap” in a zero gravity position in our SoSound® chair. Select from an offering of aromatic essential oils placed on key pulse points to further enhance this restful journey. $49

    Spa Reservations

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