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    January - February Specials

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    New Semi-Private Group Training 

    Core Conditioning 

    Walk taller, feel stronger! This class is designed to build Core muscle groups while improving posture through performing a variety of exercises that strengthen the abdomen, back muscles and increase flexibility.

    Mondays 9:30 am


    The Bosu balance trainer works on balance and flexibility, and Kettelbells are unmatched for building functional strength and power. With this cool combo you'll get a complete workout from head to toe.

    Tuesdays 10 am

    TRX Express 

    This class will push you to new levels of strength using the TRX Suspension Trainer and your own body weight. Be ready to “feel the burn” as you power through multiple sets of high tension loads in this time-based workout that features intermediate to advanced strength exercises. In this class, your cardio comes in the form of two unique blocks of strength exercises that deliver a high intensity workout sure to burn calories and leave you quivering during and long after your workout is complete.

    Sundays 9 am

    *Sessions available for 2-4 participants. Limit four per class, requires minimum of two. Reservation required. Visit in person or call 480.585.4848 x7160 x7160 up to 24 hours prior to scheduled class). Starting from $90.

    Winter Warm-Up Massage

    Select your favorite winter scent sweet cinnamon to enhance your full body relaxation massage using light to medium pressure.

    $169 | 60-minutes or $249 | 90-minutes

    Desert Oasis Detoxifying Wrap

    This rejuvenating and detoxifying wrap and massage brings the rhythm of the ocean to the desert! Using coastal herbs and clay, we carry away layers of stress and fatigue from head to toe. Deeply relaxing and detoxifying, this wrap also includes a magnesium infused mask to help reduce muscle fatigue and boost energy.

    $169 | 60-minutes or $249 | 90-minutes 

    Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

    Known for its purity, versatility and mineral content, Himalayan Crystal Salt offers wellness for the body. This restorative massage uses warm stones to sooth sore muscles and naturally replenish the body with vital minerals, restoring balance and removing toxins. Book a 90-minute massage and receive a complimentary Salt Heart-Stone to take home.

    $179 | 60-minutes or $259 | 90-minutes 

    Tuscan Manicure and Pedicure Package

    Can't make it to Italy this year? Bring a touch of Tuscany to your desert escape with this cooling, soothing and uplifting Manicure and Pedicure. Essences of olive oil help exfoliate, soothe, tone, and revitalize your hands and feet while a cooling and purifying mint mask helps to detoxify and tighten. Finish each service with a deeply relaxing hand and foot massage using ultra hydrating cucumber body cream.


    Halo Salt Therapy Treatment

    Halotherapy is a 30-minute inhalation treatment of dry salt particles which absorb excess moisture, remove allergens, toxins and foreign substances. It helps with respiratory and skin issues and to increase the overall immunity against viruses and bacteria.

    Benefits include:

    • Decreased inflammation
    • Boost to immune system
    • Reduced respiratory symptoms
    • Detoxification of lungs and skin
    • Improved cellular rejuvenation

    $25 per session | $20 per session for Spa Members | $200 for a package of 10

    All specials not inclusive of gratuity and not valid for any additional discounts.

    Call 480.585.2732 to book any of these Special Offers.

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    REVIV Offers

    Look and Feel Great With REVIV IV Therapies

    With our hydrating IV therapies and wellness Booster Shots, we have your winter wellness needs covered.  REVIV’s IV infusion therapies are packed with vitamins and antioxidants helping to keep you well,  fight against colds and flus and hangover relief. We recommend:

    Anti-Aging - VITAGLOW

    Restores hydration, prevents and reverses effects of free radicals, rejuvenates your skin, hair and nails, detoxifies vital organs, delivers a high dose of Glutathione and Vitamin C.

    Ultraviv Recovery

    Formulated to replenish hydration and help you recover from a variety of ailments such as a hangover common colds, flu-like symptoms, body aches, headaches or seasonal allergies. 

    CoQ10+Power Fitness Shot

    Produces energy for cell growth and maintenance, protects your body from harmful toxins, boosts your immune system, promotes anti-aging, maintains cardiovascular health and detoxifies your body.

    Service is offered daily  from 9 am – 5 pm by appointment. Call 480.419.3000 Ext. 7160 to schedule. 

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