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    Mother's Day Gift Cards

    To make her Mother's Day extra special, pamper her with Well & Being Spa's gift cards that allow her to choose her favorite treatment or gift at the Community Market. Orders can be placed by calling 480.585.2732 and are available for 24-hour curbsite pickup or you can book a treatment online for her.

    Ultimate Sleep Rejuvenation  

    There is no better way to induce blissful sleep than through the use of therapeutic essential oils. Feel your body begin to relax while sipping a cup of warm chamomile tea then let the calming essences of lavender and ylang ylang work in tandem throughout this deeply moisturizing and warmly relaxing body wrap. Now that you are in a complete state of tranquility, let your body slip away into a peaceful sleep and reap the benefits of a rejuvenating 20 minute nap. As you awaken, enjoy a bright cup of prickly pear lemonade and return to reality with refreshed energy and serenity.

    90-minutes | $289

    Well & Being Massage

    Warm up with a back and leg massage focusing on major muscle groups and active stretching. Massage techniques will be performed at a faster pace to stimulate muscle fibers, increase circulation and flexibility, and prevent muscle strain and injury. Excellent prep for the day of your golf, baseball or tennis game.

    60-minutes | $169

    Well & Being Wine Down Massage

    ‘Wine’ down in this slow, relaxing massage which will help eliminate toxins and tension. During this treatment, light to medium pressure is used to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. This treatment is combined with our ‘wine’ down super antioxidant repair serum and a complimentary glass of wine.

    60-minutes | $169

    Spring Renewal Scrub

    Winter skin is refined and invigorated with a fresh watermelon basil sugar scrub infused with Square One organic vodka. This treatment finishes with a whipped citrus-vanilla shea butter massage. You’ll want to pour yourself another of this energizing body refresher. 

    60-minutes | $159

    Beach Ready Pedicure

    Using a coconut scrub and clementine oil this treat for your feet will scrub, massage, moisturize and prep your toes to play in the white sand at the resort’s Sunset Beach pool.

    60-minutes | $79

    Acupuncture for Allergies

    Suffer from allergies and are ready to breathe free? Relieve seasonal allergy symptoms with the healing power of acupuncture.

    60-minutes | $179

    Well Fit

    The Comprehensive Diagnostic Fitness Assessment

    Our Wellness Coaches will use the information provided in our diagnostic testing to streamline your approach to exercise as well as recommend complimentary services to best support your plan. Your introductory session will include the BodPod testing (body composition), sub max vo2 (cardio endurance), grip strength test (muscular strength) and, sit and reach test (lower-body flexibility).

    120-minutes | $199

    Assisted Stretching

    Enjoy therapeutic benefits including increased circulation and muscle efficiency, and reduced mental and physical tension as our experts guide you through passive stretching and positioning. Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing.

    30-minutes | $69

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