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2021 Micro-Wedding & Minimony Floral Trends

The Studio at Cactus Flower

Whether you’re newly engaged, or having to re-imagine your wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic, minimonies and micro-weddings are taking the industry by storm, bringing with them a fresh new landscape of preferred experiences, design elements, traditions and trends. And it’s no surprise the florals are an area making one of the biggest impacts. 

We asked one of our favorite florists, Corrina Chavez with The Studio at Cactus Flower, for her top minimony floral trends that are sweeping the world right now,

The rise of the "mini version" of the traditional wedding are the bright spot we all need right now, with all signs indicating that the minimony is here to stay! With a smaller wedding, couples are able to be more intentional, focusing on romantic touches and sentimental statements. And it's no surprise the florals are an area making one of the biggest impacts.

Conceptual & Intentional

Even with fewer guests in attendance at a minimony, couples don't have to skimp on the elegance and concept for their wedding. The floral décor highlighting the essential areas of the wedding (i.e. ceremony backdrop for the exchange of nuptials), along with coordinated accents, will not only create a beautiful effect, but a budget-friendly outcome due to the limited number of items needed. Inspiration taken from art galleries (stay safe by taking a virtual tour online!), travel photography or even fashion can be translated into floral for a true representation of the couple's original and unique taste.

Permanent Botanicals

A leading wedding trend is incorporating permanent botanicals like dried flowers, grasses, and foliage in fresh flower centerpieces and arrangements. Make a sustainable statement with a variety of textures, shapes and muted, warm hues. Adding dried elements into an existing bouquet brings a pop of surprise for a modern look, while bouquets made up entirely of dried leaves, fronds, seed pods, branches and flowers are perfect for a bohemian gathering. The best part? These styles work ultra-well in warm climates like Arizona!

Focus On The Ceremony Backdrop

For the ceremony backdrop, various new shapes have been introduced this year, including pyramid, geometric, infinity (circle) and the staple square frame. Floral backdrops such as these can change the mood of any space, and are an uplifting way to draw guests into the moment with you. Breathtaking backdrops are also perfect for those joining in virtually via Zoom as they flawlessly frame your vows in style!

Large Blossom Statement Flower

For bouquets, brides are walking down the aisle with large, unstructured bridal bouquets. Another trend is incorporating a single, large blossom statement flower, such as dinner plate dahlias. Make sure to highlight the bloom with a bouquet of contrasting greenery. This trend is budget-friendly and also gives brides the opportunity to feature a meaningful flower choice in a bold and unexpected way.

Organic & Unstructured

Organic, unstructured, multi-textured bouquets will remain the trend through 2021. Wild and free, brides and their guests continue to embrace the organic look and feel of floral arrangements. Natural freedom reigns supreme, from the bouquets to the centerpieces. Arizona weddings continue to trend with beautiful indigenous succulents and cactus – featured in everything from bridal bouquets to table centerpieces – for a desert-inspired look.

Enchanting Reception Setup

At a smaller reception, all eyes will be on the décor, especially the sweetheart table. With micro-weddings and minimony's, couples have the opportunity to splurge on a lush second backdrop! Think hedge walls featuring your new last name or cascading florals hung from an arbor. The sweetheart table should be opulent in décor, topped with an abundance of flowers and flickering candlelight. Guest dining tables can be set with a variation of the flowers in line with the concept and accented with intimate votives for a beautifully coordinated effect. The cocktail reception tables can simply be a small accent of the main flower concept. Trending minimony tip: Amp up the color and richness of your blooms for a transformative and experiential day-to-evening effect for guests.

Planning Your Big Day?

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