BlogElevate Your Skincare Routine with Sisley-Paris' Game-Changing Gua Sha Tool
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Elevate Your Skincare Routine with Sisley-Paris' Game-Changing Gua Sha Tool


What if you could achieve that youthful, dewy, fresh-from-the-spa glow in no time? In lieu of intricate 12-step trendy skincare routines, achieving perfect skin is much simpler—and our magic recipe begins with Sisley-Paris. Pairing their highly coveted, ultra-luxurious products with traditional Chinese medicine modalities creates the best beauty routine you never knew you needed.

Long-known in the cult skincare world for their innovative, science-based Phyto-Cosmetology approach, Sisley-Paris’ newest addition to their self-care arsenal encourages the skin to heal itself and produce almost unbelievable results. So, what is this seemingly mythical beauty tool and how does it work?


Gua Sha stands as an ancient South Asian therapeutic art, entailing the gentle scraping of a smooth, flat object along the skin's surface. Originating as a method to alleviate diverse bodily maladies, from minor discomforts to more grave afflictions, its proponents attribute to it the capacity to expel deleterious toxins, invigorate blood circulation, and realign the body's vital energy, known as qi (chi). Evolving into a contemporary phenomenon, facial Gua Sha now commands significant attention in cosmetic establishments, spas, and digital realms alike, for its purported ability to address fine lines, puffiness, and inflammation, culminating in a rejuvenated complexion.

The diversity of Gua Sha tools available is notable, spanning from archaic implements like bones, coins, and wooden utensils to contemporary favorites fashioned from esteemed stones such as jade or quartz. Sisley has redefined Gua Sha's essence with its meticulously crafted Gingko Gua Sha tool. Engineered to harmonize seamlessly with the facial contours and sensitive skin, it boasts a composition of zamac, a zinc-based alloy celebrated for its skin-affirming attributes. Fashioned in the likeness of the resplendent gingko leaf, this tool serves as a symbol of longevity and graceful aging, evoking the centuries-old wisdom of natural resilience, as these trees can live well beyond 1,000 years!

When paired with the power of Sisley’s anti-aging skincare lines like Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge or Supremÿa At Night, the Gingko Gua Sha targets all major skin concerns and results in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by 50 percent. All it takes is a mere 20 minutes per of daily dedication. So, what are you waiting for?

Embrace this opportune moment to prioritize self-care and elevate your skincare regimen with this sophisticated yet efficacious massage technique, characterized by its prowess in smoothing, lifting, sculpting, and stimulating the skin's rejuvenation. Find a Sisley-Paris location near me.


Broken down into a two-step method—a 5-minute morning and 15-minute nighttime routine—Sisley’s Gua Sha consists of five vital steps, each designed to target a specific concern.

Expert tip: Gua Sha is to be used as the last step in your skincare (but before sun care) so the tool encounters less friction on the skin and the products can soak in more deeply for improved efficacy.

  1. De-Puffing

Using the smooth edge of the Gua Sha with very light pressure, begin to gently massage the entire face and neck with the tool as flat as possible on the face to promote smoothing and de-puffing. Draw slow, downward and outward lines from the center of your face beginning with the neck, moving to the jaw and cheeks, then finally the forehead to aid and stimulate blood flow.

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  1. Lifting

Once again using the smooth edge of the tool but this time at a 45-degree angle with firm to medium pressure, glide the Gua Sha in upward and outward motions beginning with the contours of the neck, moving to the jaw and cheeks, again ending with the forehead and brow.

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  1. Sculpting

Using the curved edge in the center of the tool which targets the contours of the face, hold the tool at a 45–90-degree angle with firm pressure to sculpt around the bone structure of the face. Start at the center of the chin and glide along the jawbone, working your way up the face to the cheeks and ending with the brow.

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  1. Smoothing (A Nighttime Movement)

The notched edge of the Ginkgo Gua Sha is known as the “wrinkle eraser”, perfect for targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and visible signs of fatigue. Use this edge at a 45–90-degree angle with light pressure in an up and down zigzag motion along the areas on the face wrinkles are most prevalent: jowls and neckline, smile lines under the cheeks, brow bone above nose and along the entire forehead.

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  1. Stimulating (A Nighttime Movement)

Flip the Gua Sha over and apply the spherical tip at the end of the handle in a press-and-knead motion to the major pressure points of your face: between the brows, above the upper lip, center of the chin, behind the nostril and along the contours of the cheek back to the lobe of the ear.

Sisley Paris Gua Sha

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