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Must-Try Of The Moment: DIY Self-Care Kits

Teresa Thompson, Director of Retail

What if the ingredients to indulge in a little self-care from the comfort of your home were right at your fingertips? Fairmont Scottsdale's shopping gurus have you covered with beautifully customized social distancing survival kits that will help increase your body’s immunity while bringing the essence of the spa right to you.

During this time of social distance, we have partnered with the Well & Being Spa professionals to offer you their guidance and best practices with convenience and effortless assurance that you are prioritizing your self-care.

DIY Immunity Kit

Have you been looking to increase your body's immunity? Look no further, this DIY Immunity Booster Kit includes everything you'll need to ensure you are protected from germs at home or on the go! This kit features a Stellarcleenz 99% pure silver plated silk nylon, chemical free, non-alcohol based antimicrobial cloth with travel pouch that helps to protect against 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. True47 Stress Less & Immunity boosting nasal inhalants utilizing colloidal silver, essential oils, and Himalayan salts that reduce stress/angst/anxiety, clear sinuses, and provide your body with essential immunoboosting properties. Naturopathica's Echinacea & aloe throat spray. Echinacea has a rich history of supporting the immune system. It is combined with soothing Aloe Vera and Wildflower Honey to strengthen the body's immunity and improve respiratory health. Three premium Sol & Selene face masks to ensure an elevated level of comfort and protection.

DIY Tranquility Kit

Indulging in self-care activities is not only essential for a peaceful state of mind but also helps reduce fatigue, stress, and any other characteristic that could have you feeling sub-par. This is why our DIY tranquility kit is essential to help reduce stress, encourage rest and relaxation while simultaneously combining high-quality skin care products for soft and glowing skin. This kit features a Knesko gold face mask to increase skin elasticity, firmness and moisture. A detoxing and nourishing magnesium bath soak by Naturopathica. Passionflower Sleep Tincture to encourage tranquil rest and relaxation. CBD infused bath bomb that relieves sore muscles and reduces stress. Pinch lavender therapy dough. A Squishable compound that's designed to channel relief through the senses, naturally. This placating putty was developed using the proven scientific methodology of color and scent as they relate to relaxation-all in the convenience of a portable tin. Think of it as a handy little mood-shifter. Herbal Essential all natural, germ killing, mood lifting essential oil Lavender towelettes.

DIY Pedicure Kit

For the ultimate at home pedicure. Our DIY Pedicure Kit features a Dazzle Dry a mini nail polish care kit developed by bio-organic chemist Dr. Vivian Valenty. Backed by over 30 years of research, Dazzle Dry is a unique line of naturally advanced, high-performance nail care. Featuring their award-winning four-step nail system bestselling spa line, Dazzle Dry products are formulated to give you the results you need and the long-term benefits you deserve. A professional premium foot file and callus eliminator. Naturopathica's Mighty Mint Rescue versatile cream which rescues tired feet with icy peppermint and menthol to invigorate the senses, cool and revive the skin with a tingly finish. Farm House Fresh Pedi Delight kit that includes a lightweight honey lavender salt scrub for stubborn dry skin, a honey heel glaze(Oprah's O-List foot serum made with sweet Texas honey) and a honey-chai steeped milk lotion(a gorgeous, spiced-milk infusion of organic coconut milk and sultry cardamom)
to lock in nourishment. With this DIY pedicure kit, you will not only feel rejuvenated, but will have your feet sandal-season ready in a matter of minutes.

Whether you're looking to build up your immune system, enter into a zone of tranquility, or engage in a little self-care for your tootsies, our DIY kits offer all the essentials you need to maintain a sound and relaxed state of mind while staying safe at a distance. Combine the products in these kits with these helpful tips on practicing self-care as the perfect social distancing experience for your mind, body and soul, and you'll be on your way to a brighter, happier you!