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Reclaim Your Life With A Wellness Retreat In Scottsdale

What is health? This question undoubtedly means something different to everyone. The universal definition is "the absence of disease", but it is truly so much more. A strong foundation of a healthy body and mind is important for everyday life and that much more important when life throws a curve. Stress affects the body and mind more than we realize, and today especially we are faced with more than the simple frustrations of traffic on the freeway or a delay in a package. We are worrying much more about our families, aging parents, the never-ending news, and a future that can feel uncertain at best.

How do we break that pattern and begin to breathe and take care of ourselves? The answer is to take time for your health with a wellness retreat. A wellness retreat is different from your typical vacation, as its main focus is to remove all distractions to make space for deeper physical, mental and emotional connection to the self. When planned correctly, wellness retreats allow you to break away from your daily routine and reunite with your inner natural rhythms so you have the chance to build up your reserves and make sure your tank is full once you go back to tackle each day. Well & Being Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess offers the ideal ambiance and programming for a wellness retreat.

Join us on a journey to plan your next wellness retreat, and discover why it's the answer you've been looking for to the change you want to see in your life.

Minimize Your Distractions

Remove yourself from your day-to-day distractions and focus on you. Trying to implement a new exercise program, eat better, or improve sleep stands a small chance of success when your stressors are constantly within reach with a quick ping of an incoming email or text message. Before planning your wellness retreat, make sure you have everything in your everyday life squared away so you can truly unplug and remove yourself. After you feel comfortable with that step, find a place to change the scenery and then address your steps and plans. Scottsdale, Arizona's Sonoran Desert is known worldwide as a place where nature can nurture the soul and awaken transformation within. Many seek this blooming desert to serve as the backdrop for inspiration, prayer, health, wellness and an investment in inner peace. Well & Being Spa's 44,000 sq. ft. facilities are inspired by these magical surroundings, and our treatments are customized to deliver sensory awakenings with local healing methods and ingredients.

Practice And Experience

Once all of your distractions are safely put at bay, immersing yourself in a new environment with healthy choices and activities gives you the opportunity to live it well—experience a better night's sleep, eat healthier, go on a hike! Dedicating to the process is another big step in your journey. Every guest at Well & Being Spa is introduced to our mantra:

"Today I will find balance in my life. I will reveal my potential by feeling and being healthy, by embracing all the elements that are on my path to well-being. By striving for the best expression of me, I will find greater connectedness to the world and to those I love. Today, I will live it well…"

Once you take a few days and dedicate 100% to this progress within yourself, you can quickly realize that what is back at home and what you were doing may not have been the best for your overall wellness and wholeness.

Learn, Grow And Remember That Change Does Not Happen Overnight

It is key when planning a wellness retreat to find a destination with experts who are trained to help usher you through the journey. Well & Being Spa offers an innovative fusion of spa and wellness, with an array of field experts to help guide you to the best possible personalized experience for you. A wellness retreat allows you to explore options for your new routine moving forward. We always try the same old routine and go back to the gym or say we will start jogging early each morning when perhaps we don't like the gym or jogging is not our favorite exercise. A wellness retreat at Well & Being Spa can offer you the chance to try new things and find the best fit for you. You can take a fun fitness class like FloatFit Fitness at our rooftop pool, work one-on-one with a personal trainer to determine your health and wellness baseline with our comprehensive diagnostic fitness assessment WellFIT, join one of our seasonal lecture series or classes, or introduce yourself to healing therapies like halotherapy, acupuncture, auriculotherapy and more. Of course there's always time for pampering, too, with a wide selection of facials, massages and salon treatments available from Well & Being's menu. Our team encourages you to step outside your box and be open to new adventures with us!

I Know What I Need To Do…But Why Can't I Do It?
We are all inundated with the latest news on nutrition, exercise, and stress management every day. Whether it be from TV, self-help books, YouTube videos or the plethora of information on the internet, it piques our interest and we read it. But actually putting the suggested practices into action usually falls short. Just to have the knowledge does not catapult people to change. You need a call to action, and the best call to action is book a wellness retreat now – FOR YOU.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." – Henry Ford

At Well & Being Spa Scottsdale, you'll discover evidence-based tools and treatments that make happy and healthy go together. This combination leads the way for lifelong change! Every resort experience is enhanced by Well & Being's focus on enjoying life—both in the moment and long after returning home from your wellness retreat.

Ready To Plan Your Own Wellness Retreat?
The Live It Well Spa 3-Day Retreat was created for you! Join us at our 65-acre majestic open air resort, designed to help you immediately escape the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Our Live It Well Spa 3-Day Retreat is focused on health and wellness and includes:
• Three (3) Night Accommodations in a Luxuriously Appointed Fairmont Room
• Daily Complimentary Breakfast Per Person
• Two (2) Complimentary 60-Minute Treatments at Well & Being Spa Per Person, Per Stay
• Daily Complimentary Access to Well & Being Spa Facilities: Sauna, Steam Room, Swiss Shower, Private Rooftop Pool, Hot & Cold Plunge Pool, Waterfall Grotto & Aromatherapy Room