BlogA Five-Diamond Summer: Why Our Resort Launched a Luxury Day Camp for Kids
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A Five-Diamond Summer: Why Our Resort Launched a Luxury Day Camp for Kids

When you think of a Five-Diamond resort, images of modern accommodations, fine dining, and impeccable service come to mind. But at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, we believe luxury extends beyond the expected to create unforgettable experiences for all members of the family. This summer, we're excited to unveil our latest offering: a luxury day camp for kids ages 6-12. This weeklong adventure is designed to provide young guests with a blend of fun, learning, and the high standards of service and experiences that our resort is renowned for.

A New Take on Summer Camps in Scottsdale

Traditional summer camps have long been a staple of childhood, offering opportunities for kids to explore, learn and grow. However, at the Princess, we envisioned something more—a camp that not only entertains but also aligns with the luxury and quality that defines the Fairmont brand. Our day camp offers dozens of exciting activities, chef-crafted lunches, and exclusive access to our stunning resort pools, ensuring that each day is filled with joy and new experiences.

a group of kids in a tent "Inspired by the joy of seeing my own children thrive at summer camp, I knew we could offer something truly special here at the Princess. I envisioned a unique experience that would capture the essence of adventure and camaraderie right here at our Five-Diamond resort. As a cornerstone of our community, known for our iconic seasonal events like Christmas at the Princess, innovation is at the heart of who we are. Sensing an unmet need in the market, we've crafted a Summer Day Camp that not only redefines family fun but sets a new standard of excellence, firmly positioning us ahead of the competition. This initiative reflects our commitment to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. This is something no other hotel is doing... and I'm thrilled to unveil this one-of-a-kind experience—a true testament to the ingenuity and dedication of our Princess team." – Chris White, Director of Sales & Marketing

Why a Luxury Day Camp?

Creating Memorable Experiences for All Ages

Our resort is a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment, and we wanted to ensure that our youngest guests are never left out. By offering a luxury day camp, we provide an avenue for children to create their own memories and adventures within the resort. This not only enhances their summer vacation experience but also allows parents to enjoy their time knowing their children are in a safe, enriching environment.

Learning from Real Role Models

Summer Day Camp is staffed by professionals who are not only experts in their fields but also serve as role models for the children. From outdoor activities to creative arts, each session is led by individuals who inspire and mentor, helping children to develop confidence and new skills in a supportive setting.

An Emphasis on Quality and Safety

Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are cared for in a secure environment that adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality. Our chef-crafted lunches ensure that kids enjoy nutritious, gourmet meals, and our facilities are maintained to the same rigorous standards as the rest of the resort. All camp counselors are also equipped with essential certifications, including CPR training, fingerprint clearance cards and more.

Building Lasting Friendships

One of the most rewarding aspects of camp is the opportunity for children to make new friends. Our day camp in Scottsdale is designed to foster a sense of community and teamwork, allowing kids to build lasting friendships as they engage in group activities and share new experiences.

Developing Essential Life Skills

Through a variety of activities, children at our camp will develop essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. Whether they're navigating a mini golf course, collaborating on a creative project, or playing Marco Polo at the pool, these experiences help build a foundation for future success.

An Unforgettable Outdoor Experience

At the heart of our day camp is a commitment to outdoor adventure. Children will spend their days exploring our beautifully landscaped grounds, enjoying activities that range from nature hikes to poolside games. The chance to connect with nature and engage in physical activities is invaluable, promoting both physical and mental well-being. Even in the heat of an Arizona summer, children’s camp groups are rotated between indoor and outdoor play to give them the best of summer—all while staying cool and comfortable.

The Best of Both Worlds

Parents visiting our resort can now enjoy the best of both worlds: a luxurious, relaxing stay and the peace of mind that their children are having an equally enriching experience. While parents indulge in spa treatments, gourmet dining, or simply lounging by our pools, their children are just a few steps away, embarking on their own journey of discovery and fun. Alternatively, parents can drop off their children and confidently leave the resort to pursue their day’s plans, knowing their kids are in excellent hands.

Our all-new luxury Scottsdale day camp embodies the spirit of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess—offering exceptional experiences and quality time spent as a community. We invite you to discover more about this exciting new program on our website and see how we’re redefining family time with a touch of luxury.

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