BlogSweet Genius: Meet The Princess’ Talented Cake Creator Ebony
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Sweet Genius: Meet The Princess’ Talented Cake Creator Ebony

If you can dream it, she can bake it—A look at D’Ebonyque Golding’s impressive career in the Kitchen

Watch Season 2’s “Honeydew” episode of FX’s hit TV show The Bear, and you’ll know a pastry chef’s pilgrimage is one of self-discovery, intense dedication and a cosmic passion for their chosen craft. A true pastry chef is an artist through and through—continually evolving, exploring and opening themselves up to be inspired by the beauty of the world at large.

There are many faces behind the scenes of the success of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. One that quickly comes top-of-mind is mainstay Pastry Jr. Sous Chef, D’Ebonique Golding. From crafting intricate celebration cakes to delivering personalized dessert experiences, Ebony’s career journey is as rich and layered as her delectable creations. Get to know the resort’s beloved ace of cakes!

The Journey of Rediscovery

Hailing from Tucson, AZ, Ebony’s culinary voyage began in a resort kitchen where she spent two formative years. Interest piqued, her quest for knowledge then led her to Scottsdale for culinary school, where she discovered her true passion for pastry arts. After graduation, she returned to Tucson, dividing her time between the line and the bake shop. However, the relentless pace led to burnout, prompting her to seek solace in an unexpected place: the kitchen of a local hospital. Here, she rekindled her love for baking, creating meaningful treats for patients and staff, and rediscovered the joy that comes from her craft.

A Flourishing Career

Ebony's renewed enthusiasm propelled her to a Valley resort, where she served as Pastry Sous Chef for eight fruitful years. In search of a culture that provided more creative freedom, her journey then led her to the Princess, where she was hired as a pastry supervisor and tasked with putting her own unique stamp on the pastry department. Running a scratch kitchen isn’t easy, but Ebony embraced the challenge. Through tireless dedication, she transformed the kitchen, expanding the menu and introducing cutting-edge baking technology.

Today, as the resort’s esteemed Pastry Jr. Sous Chef, Ebony specializes in creating bespoke cakes that bring our guests’ visions to life. From occasion cakes to grand event cakes for Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, and Mother's Day Brunch, as well as special sporting events like the WM Phoenix Open, her masterpieces have become a centerpiece of our celebrations.

Master of Custom Cakes in Scottsdale, Arizona

Crafting more than 30 cakes each month, Ebony is known for her ability to deliver custom creations that cater to every occasion. Her favorite projects are celebration cakes, which she believes encapsulate joyful memories and special moments. A supportive environment allowed her to bring her vision to life—the ability to offer an array of one-of-a-kind custom cakes tailored to each event and guest.

Everything Ebony creates is from scratch, reflecting her dedication to quality and artistry. She takes pride in the kitchen's capability to print directly onto wafer paper and transfer artwork onto fondant. Whether it’s a photo of the San Fransisco Giants stadium, a family portrait, or a beloved pet, Ebony can bring any image to edible life. She even uses glycerin to create edible "plastic," perfect for creative projects like a Smartie Cake wrapped in realistic “plastic” icing. Her love for edible glitter adds a shimmering touch of magic to her event centerpieces.

Versatile Artistry at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Unlike many bakers who specialize in specific styles, Ebony prides herself on being a versatile artist. Her repertoire includes sheet cakes, origami cakes, fondant, sculpting, and ganache. She’s also adept at embracing current trends, such as tall cakes with 5-6 layers, mermaid themes, and the funfetti comeback. Recently, she’s experimented with dry brushing icing to achieve a textured, artistic look.

In the kitchen, Ebony is strictly the architect and decorator, working with a constant supply of sheet cakes in various flavors like red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, and marble. Her preferred medium is Swiss buttercream, known for its stability and smooth finish, which she finds ideal for decorating.

Celebrate Life’s Most Beautiful Milestone Moments

One of Ebony's favorite weeks in her storied career involved creating cakes for an engagement, a wedding, a baby shower, a gender reveal, and a 2-year-old's birthday. She fondly refers to it as her “life cycle week,” encapsulating the joy and celebration of life’s milestones through her art.

Ebony’s journey from Tucson to our kitchen has been one of passion, transformation, and relentless dedication. Her creations are not just cakes, but edible pieces of art that tell stories and bring happiness to all who experience them. With every cake she designs, she continues to elevate the art of pastry at the Princess, one celebration at a time.

Just how can you get your fork on one of Ebony’s delicious desserts? Book your Celebration Vacation at the Princess today! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, babymoon, bachelorette, graduation, engagement or beyond… Ebony can make a cake unique to you. And our dedicated Celebration Concierge is here to take care of all the rest!