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The Top 7 Reasons To Travel

Pam Gilbert, Director of Sales and Marketing

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that the world craves travel. In a Fall 2020 Amex Trendex report, American Express found that 48% of people surveyed reported that the inability to travel was causing them to feel anxious and stressed, and three out of four respondents cited travel as one of their most yearned for activities.

Here we explore the top 7 reasons people travel.

Travel Builds And Strengthens Relationships

It's not only the places that make travel so beautiful, it's the people. And surrounding yourself with those nearest and dearest to you for a multi-generational trip brings families together and deepens bonds in a special way. Multi-generational travel has been a top travel trend for the past few years for a good reason. Traveling brings families together and deepens bonds in a special way. This trend is returning strong in 2021, with families hungry to reconnect and make new memories together after a year or more of separation.

AZ Traveler Tip:
To ensure a multi-gen vacation's success, your destination must have something for everyone! And that's exactly what Fairmont Scottsdale  is known for. Where else can mom and the aunties spend a relaxing day at an award-winning spa while dad and grandpa hit the links at one of the PGA Tour's most iconic courses and the kids hop from pool to pool and make new friends at the Kids Club? And that's just on the resort grounds. Scottsdale is a playground for kids of all ages! From adrenaline-spiking desert jeep tours, to world-class museums and buzz-worthy restaurants by the dozens…there's truly something for everyone to claim as their ‘favorite' part of your vacation.

Travel Awakens Empathy And Expands Perspectives

Although traveling is often about trying new foods and seeing historical sites, exploring new cultures often provides the most worthwhile travel experiences of all. And in today's world more than ever, it is critical we work to strengthen our cross-cultural awareness and empathy. "For me, empathy starts with respecting the culture and history of every community," writes AFAR editor in chief Julia Cosgrove. "If travel doesn't engender empathy, you're doing it wrong." Travel truly gives us the opportunity to further develop the four attributes of empathy, as established by Theresa Wiseman:

  • To be able to see the world as others see it
  • To be non-judgmental
  • To understand another person's feelings
  • To communicate your understanding of that person's feelings

According to best-selling author and researcher Brene Brown, empathy is one of the most important skills that you can learn. Travel does inherently provide us with opportunities to grow empathy and understanding to anyone brave enough to embrace it.

AZ Traveler Tip:
Research destinations with rich cultural experiences well in advance. For example, in Arizona guests can discover one of our most iconic and sacred destinations, Antelope Canyon. Located within the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation, the only way to tour the canyon is by tour. Longstanding members of the Navajo Nation give regular tours  brimming with stories about the history, geology, culture and most importantly, the soul of the area. Check back often for more information on Antelope Canyon's re-opening. Or, visitors can take a trip to Downtown Phoenix's Heard Museum, internationally recognized for the quality of its collections, world-class exhibitions, educational programming and festivals. The Heard Museum gives life to the stories of American Indian people from a first-person perspective through traditional and contemporary art.

Travel Sparks New Business Ideas

Observing different ways of life and perspectives from around the globe or across the country can provide just the change of scenery needed to inspire your next "a-ha" moment. Just ask the founder of Warby Parker, Dave Gilboa, Noosa CEO Koel Thomae, or world-renowned businessman Richard Branson! All three of these successful entrepreneurs took global inspirations and applied them locally to reap big benefits in business.

AZ Traveler Tip:
You never know where inspiration may strike next. According to a recent study published in The Journal of Applied Psychology, building friendships with people from different cultures enhances not only a traveler's creativity and innovation, but also their likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur! Connect with new friends at local-favorite hangouts, our concierges at Fairmont Scottsdale can recommend all of the best spots in town!

Travel Helps You Appreciate Your Life

Especially over the past year, many of us have experienced days blurring into nights, and weeks and months stretching on and on. Many of our daily routines have grown stagnant, and that makes it easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. We need novelty, or new experiences, to keep our happiness levels up. "We get used to things that are familiar to us – called habituation," says Dr. Scott Bea in this Cleveland Clinic article. "Routine doesn't generate the chemicals that our brains like. Novelty does." Traveling, and even just getting offline and out of your house for any amount of time, renews your appreciation for your family, your job and your life. There is so much to be grateful for!

AZ Traveler Tip:
An Arizona wellness retreat is a great way to break away from unhealthy or unhelpful patterns and learn to appreciate what you have so you may begin live a full, vibrant life once again. Try a wellness retreat at Well & Being Spa, where you'll discover evidence-based tools, treatments and expert guides that make happy and healthy go together seamlessly.

Travel Renews A Sense Of Accomplishment

When you begin planning a vacation or trip, you first ask yourself "Where do I want to go?" But what about the question, "What do I want to find out?" Travel and accomplishment go hand-in-hand. Anyone who has ever successfully navigated a busy bus schedule in a foreign language or taste tested a country's finest local delicacies can attest to this. Whenever you check an item off of your travel bucket list, you're fueling what sets your soul on fire and brings you pure joy. Now that's an accomplishment.

AZ Traveler Tip:
Arizona is full of bucket list-worthy adventures. One you can't miss? A hike up Scottsdale's most iconic landmark, Camelback Mountain. A wonderful and ever-popular hike, it begs to be conquered…but it can also be a challenge of an ascent. Make sure to properly prepare (here are 12 tips for successfully hiking Camelback Mountain), and you'll be awarded with the panoramic views of the Scottsdale/Phoenix area at the top!

Travel Gives You Inspired Stories

Let's face facts—no one wants to hear another story about your cat Cleo. Being stuck in quarantine has undoubtedly taken a toll on our storytelling abilities, but fear not—all hope is not lost! Plan a trip now and you're promised to be instantly more interesting within your friend circle. Most people are only dreaming about travel, as proven by the growing popularity of genre podcasts, books and TV shows. Give the people what they want and transport them into an epic adventure starring Y-O-U.

AZ Traveler Tip:
To have epic stories, you need to have epic adventures. Arizona provides the perfect place to do this! A few of our recommendations:

  • Take a day trip to Bisbee, AZ, where a quirky community of artists live in a town full of rich mining history
  • Take to the cloudless skies on a hot air balloon ride
  • Take a trip inside the wondrous and fascinating caves at Kartchner Kaverns
  • Take in the red rocks of Sedona by bike, horseback or jeep tour

Travel Helps You Move Forward

Wherever you're at personally in this very moment, whether it be going through a tough life transition or just feeling like you can't get out of the pandemic rut, it's easy to hit the pause button on life. Travel is oftentimes the perfect way to bridge the gap to move you from one stage of life to the next. Think traveling abroad after high school, honeymoons, babymoons, etc. View your next trip as a chance to reflect on the past year and let it go. Once you return, make your sole focus on moving into your bright new future!

AZ Traveler Tip:
Celebrate your milestones!  Spend your 50th birthday at home with a bottle of wine? Plan a birthday weekend to rejuvenate your spirit. Recently engaged? Plan to get your best girls or guys together for a bachelor/bachelorette weekend! Fairmont Scottsdale loves celebrations, and can't wait to help you make yours extra special.